With game 4 in the books, can Boston mount a comeback for the history books and move on to the NBA Finals? It’s possible, and here’s why…


Bron-Bron is a Pussy

bron bron

There is no way around this point. LeBron is an absolute pussy. Every time something doesn’t go his way, he argues and complains to the ref like a little bitch. He will throw his arms up in the air, make a pathetic pouty face, and beg the ref for a call that shouldn’t be called. This baby mentality that Bron-Bron has can help the Celtics in a major aspect, like it did in Boston’s win in game 3. Once he realized he was sucking, the inner baby came out, and it effected him all night long, causing him to only score 11. Can we please just remind ourselves of his HYSTERICAL failed dunk in game 4. If Boston can find a way to piss him off early, he is useless, and Kyrie will have to carry his ass again like he has this whole series.


No Isaiah Time

During Game Three of the 2017 NBA Eastern Conference Finals at Quicken Loans Arena on May 21, 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Wake up people. If you still think we are going to do worse without IT4, you are dead wrong. In the two games we have played without IT4, we won one and had the lead the majority of the other game. He is a weakness in the defense and Cleveland will expose him every time. He is too small and kills us on defense. He is also a major ball hog. Without IT, Boston has showed us a passing game I didn’t think we had. Players I also didn’t know could play well stepped up and became difference makers. Jonas Jerebko (I will refer to him as Fun Uncle Jonas from now on) and Marcus Smart are CARRYING this team with the already known talent of Avery Bradley. Uncle Jonas was really the only effective answer to defend Kevin Love and Bron-Bron. Not having IT is a blessing in disguise.


Boston has the Answers


Since losing games one and two, Boston found an answer for shutting down LeBron and the big guys. If Kyrie didn’t have an insanely good game in game 4, we would have taken that one too. Now that Boston has seen Kyrie perform and carry the team, I guarantee they will have in answer for him in game 5 as well. Coach Brad Stevens of the Celtics has been on his shit lately, and I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. (Fun fact: if he is chewing gum, he is anxious and thinks we will lose. He did it at all during games one and two, the beginning of game 3, and the end of game 4. Look for it!) Boston has done a great job at adjusting after each game, and improving on what they lacked in the previous game.


Home Court Advantage


Photo taken by JAnderson Photography, an amazing local photographer. Check him out!


This could be controversial as so far they have only won road games in this series, but oh well. With Game 5 being an elimination game, it is being played in Boston, in front of the greatest fans in the world. If any one can get into Bron-Bron’s head, it’s the rowdy Boston crowd. Saying we somehow win game 5, we go on the road for game 6. Hopefully we can carry the momentum of game 5’s win, and defeat “The Land”, which leads to game 7…back in Boston. No way Celtics will lose game 7, against the Cleveland ‘Monstars’, in Boston. I will bet anyone that if this series goes to game 7, Boston will win. Seriously…bet me.


Game 5 is will play out live on TNT, Thursday, May 25th at 8:30 PM, EST. Tune in to watch Boston kick some Cavalier ass. Stay Lazy, friends.