Jae Crowder is by far the worst player the Celtics played this series against the Cav’s.  Not only could he not defend Lebron to save his life, but he couldn’t defend Kevin Love either.  He’s the worst shooter after the first quarter and can’t pass the ball.  He looks really good in the first quarter, starting off strong and then it’s like someone puts a cover on the net.  He got burned by Lebron’s spin moves over and over again and didn’t help Avery Bradley at all on help defense.
Just for reference, this picture from The Boston Globe should provide some context on how Crowder can’t defend LeBron. He had to resort to shoving a hand in LeBron’s face and hoping for the best.


Just watching the C’s play Crowder hurts, but now we get to look forward to what they do with the #1 pick and of course the Finals.  Do they keep it or do they trade it for a franchise player? And with a stacked Free Agency, can the C’s bring Gordon Hayward to Boston?  Does Golden State redeem themselves or does LeBron win yet another title in his 7th straight appearance? Only time will tell.