The NBA offseason is underway, and Celtics GM Danny Ainge is at bat. With the NBA draft over with, one question remains: What will Danny Ainge do?


Going into the draft, there were so many trade rumors flying around the twitter sphere. The biggest and most shocking rumor was for the Unicorn from New York – Kristaps Porzingis. Twitter went wild, with Boston fans hoping Danny Ainge can pull it off, and New York fans cussing out Phil Jackson. According to rumors, the Knicks offered the following trade, and stuck to it:

  • BOS receives: Kristaps Porzingis
  • NYK receives: #3 pick in 2017 draft, Jaylen Brown, their next two first round picks, and Jae Crowder

Thankfully, Ainge said no, as the offer was simply ridiculous. Another rumor stated that the Celtics made a much more reasonable counter-offer later in the day.

  • BOS receives: Kristaps Porzingis
  • NYK receives: #3 pick, an additional lottery pick (they would trade for it), and a player (most likely Crowder)

The Knicks turned it down. If it had gone through, the Celtics would have made a move on Minnesota’s #7 pick to complete the deal. As of now, Porzingis trade talks are done, but it’s the NBA, so anything is possible.


Another rumor, that has been going around for a while, is Jimmy Butler. Talks about Jimmy Butler to the Celtics have been circulating the news since the Trade Deadline earlier in the year. Obviously the Celtics were unable to snatch him up, as he was dealt to the Timberwolves in the trade of the night, making the Timberwolves a legit threat (but that’s a whole different article).


The Celtics ended up keeping all of their picks, and made some nice selections. With the third overall pick, the Celtics selected Small Forward Jayson Tatum, a freshman out of Duke. Tatum is an all-around swing-man, and will be a threat to any defender. Dubbed the best one on one player, he is nearly uncontainable. He is compared to Paul Pierce and Carmelo Anthony. With the C’s selecting Tatum at three, that means they let Josh Jackson go. Many NBA scouts believe that Jackson will be the best rookie to come out of the draft in a long time. Did Ainge make a mistake? Time will tell.


After the draft, trade rumors with the Celtics re-ignited. Paul George, superstar SF from the Indiana Pacers, said that if the Celtics can successfully sign Gordon Hayward in this years free agency, he would sign a three year contract extension with the Celtics, if they trade for him. This is a major break through, as PG13 said he would be going to the Lakers next season. Since Boston’s main target this summer was Hayward anyway, getting Paul George seems highly possible. This could create another ‘super team’ in the Eastern Conference, to compete with the Cav’s.

If all goes right, the potential starting lineup could be:

PG: Isaiah Thomas

SG: Avery Bradley

SF: Gordon Hayward

PF: Paul George

C: Al Horford


In Ainge We Trust.